From Russia with love Part I ( Jan 31-Feb 1 )

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flying the next morning after my house got on fire, was probably the most stressful i been in long time, Passport bike and bass, was inside the house while the fire was happening, the firefighters help me to get all out.
and Right Now I am in russia, as part of the winter cycling congress , where i will be cycling from St Petersburg to Moscow, playing shows along the way.
first of all There is no bears riding tiny bicycles( my brother was asking me that one )
instead I found a whole bunch of passionated people, about bicycles, art and their city.
St pPterburg is one of those ” movie places ” everything have epic dimensions, beautiful building and bridges full of details. its like a instagramer paradise.
I played a show in the city, had vodka and cycle with brand new friends.
Now i am off to the train , this tour involve trains and rides as i have to be in moscow in a few days for the Winter Cycling congress.
Russians so far are been kind and interesting people, they keep asking me , why to cycle on winter?
people in St Petersburg are great host,..

Oh st pete I miss you already .


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