From Russia With Love part II

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The time to leave St peter has come, and the time to cycle in rural russia,
I am so excited , sometimes i even have to scream or start singing loud.
I cant believe I will be doing this. Russia in winter!!!

The first mission of the day, is to get get the bicycle to the train, and hopefully don’t have problems, Everyone recommend to take the train out of the city, then start cycling from there.
I meet with.

Asya senicheva, who speak spanish, and probably have a prettier accent than mine, I am blown away of how many languages some people can speak, she speak like 5 .
we meet for coffee at her place, that is a house community with artist, freelancer and all around cool people and dreamers,
Russia Tv asked me to film me on my way, and send them some videos, somehow the chilean bass player -cycling thing , seems to grab attention here, kind of like “what would do you do that to yourself “.

We arrive at the train, Is kind like airport security standard, passport control, x-ray luggage , you know that kind of feeling, when the dentist is opening your mouth.

the 2 woman that work at the train, are just telling me no, your bike is too dirty , put it on a bag-box . is -5 minutes for boarding.
I try to make them smile, they don’t
I try to play my “ I have no idea face “ is not working
I play my i will put the bike here on the train , while i will go and get a bag, then the train start moving, and I just jump inside, me and the bike are aboard. huge winning face.

the “ I never laugh “ face , change when they come to ask me for tickets, and asked me if i want coffee, or food or anything, and they told me that they will let me know when my station is coming.
the train is super nice, I feel actually dirty on it, My boots were all muddy, people was wearing sandals inside to keep it clean,. …So now I know , good shower, shiny shoes, and clean bike for next train date.


  1. You will learn that our Russian fellowmen do not give away smiles easily. Especially those on trains.

  2. You are living an amazing adventure! I think it’s crazy, but crazy wonderful. Ride safe and stay warm! From Wakaw, Saskatchewan.

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