From Russia with Love Part III

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Cookies with Sour cream.

I leaved this Morning the city of Okalovk, the plan was to cycle about 80 kms and camp on the side of the road, but
probably the bumpiest road I aver cycle on my life , was between me and my destination. so much that my bags keep jumping out of the bike. Still I was having a blast.
every 2-3 hours i was reaching a small town.
I got to see some of rural Russia. a mix of old houses with some huge buildings, some towns seems like not many people was living on them.
the best part was this bakery that was on the side of the road. I stuff my self with cookies, russian seems to have lots of sweet treats around, I love it. I try to buy yogurt, But I made a mistake and I ended buying sour cream.
as a consequence i had cookies with sour cream.
when was getting dark, I decided to put on lighs and keep riding, it was a gorgeous night, and there was almost no cars on this rural road.
the promise of a nice bed, and staying with a Russian family makes me push the bike harder.
I ended that Night at Bologoye at 11 pm, meeting with Alexey Smirnov, a doctor and cyclist from town.
he told we are going to the village to do some traditional russian things, cant wait.


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