From Russia with love Part IV

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My first day cycling on rural Russia,
was a bit of a learning curve, signs are in Russian Language, what of course I cant read,
them there is no shoulder, and I am still learning what is the behaviour of the drivers around Bicycles on the road.
most of them look at me like ……WHAT A HELL IS THAT GUY DOING!!!i am not new to this kind of look , as I get the same when I am in rural Canada cycling with a bass in winter.
the best surprise was a tiny bakery on the side of the road, I stuff my self with cookies and cooffe.
it was – 20 with the wind, so my face was pretty red at the end of the night, I visit some towns that seem abandoned, but also so some huge buildings that remains me of soviet union times.
i keep riding during the night, as i wanted to meet alexey a doctor and cyclest from Bologoya.
I arrived to his house at 11 pm after 12 hours on the bicycle.
he was amazing and told me that he got a full day of adventures for me tomorrow.
now is siesta time, will tell you more tomorrow

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