The racoon tour

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I will remember this tour, as the Racoon tour,
I was again the winds for probably 90% of the time, also the one with the challenge of packing between seasons.
do I need boots ? or runners ? in a few days i will be going south and get warmer.
the planning for weather, were a challenge from -10 to plus 15 in 2 weeks.
But the shows or the kids were probably some of the best i had have so far, also the opportunity of playing at egg lake, were students from all over manitoba come for their chance of finishing their studies, and the passion of their teachers for making them better citizens, is just really inspiring.

The racoon tour ( I look like one now , thanks to the wind and sun), took me to different emotional places, there was a couple days where I was really thinking, what am i doing here?.
it is normal to reach a moment on life when you want to re invent yourself. This tour gave me this, a great chance to spent time with my self, and look for new inspiration.

i am feeling like a want to play more music, share more inspiring stories with kids all over the world, and learn more from other people.

i think the time to take the Bike and Bass tour on a international journey is coming soon.
Thanks for reading and for your comments, you people makes me feel in company, even in the most isolates places.


  1. Wondering when you might be starting you Southern Saskatchewan tour as you said you are going to do I have contacted the entertainment personnel at our Local Gold Eagle Casino and suggested they look over your Bike and Bass tour site They may be in contact with you at some point in time Be nice to see you share your adventures in our Community

    1. Author

      south sask is from
      october 10 till dec 15 , thanks for the introduction to the gold eagle casino

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