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its happening faster than you think, way faster. its actually happening in your lifespan.
I was really fortunate to spent the last ten days aboard the “Polar Prince” Icebreaker, on a journey of discovery on the west coast of British Columbia.

a board of the boat there was, actors, musicians, newcomers, teachers, doctors all kind of people.
Elders of the communities we visited and scientist did presentations and talks about how the climate change is affecting, traditional ways of living, animals, plants, water and Pretty much everything we know.

climate change is moving faster than the numbers predicted last decade, and we are already seen changes.
subtropical species are moving north. People is having their day to day life affected by this.

I am starting a plan to reduce my own carbon foot print,
I am looking for suggestions and ideas of how to reduce carbon foot print.
please send me your suggestions and ideas.
ps: I am putting a movie together about the whole journey, i will be sharing it pretty soon.
thanks for reading

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